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what’s this about?

kin of clay. is a contemporary lifestyle brand that aims to revive an era where the fabrication of what we wore was just as important as the design(er) behind it. a time when the apparel world was less corporatized and the value of a product was mostly its construction, not inflated by the perceived value of a brand. our intent is to elevate familiar product styles through fabrics and to question every step of the supply chain, including our consumption.

we are purposefully independent and restricted, committed to consciously take our time to find human-first partnerships that are equally obsessed in the quality of what me make in the most sustainable way possible. not just material sustainability, but more importantly human sustainability. the apparel industry is heavily dependent on human labor, and the comfort of our products is just as important as the comfort of the hands and hearts that took part in making it.


series 1

"honor the gift of kinship" one of the major callings of this brand is the people we met along the way that inspired us to create our products - the fabrics used in "series 1" was made by a small family-owned factory in japan, using traditional knitting machines that spins slowly in fresh air with surreal precision to produce unmatched raw softness and durability. then the finishing of the products was made by another small family-owned in turkey with a long history and obsession in textile craftmanship. the relationships we built with these factories cultivated over years, and in our first series we aim to honor the kinships we have, and the ones we created along the way.

this series will have multiple drops, all serving the same theme and made with the same obsession over quality, craftsmanship, and details.

no timeline, products will be made ready once they are.